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The business

The Good Egg Fellas is an independent free range egg producer in NE England, near Darlington.

They currently have 16,000 hens and combine responsible husbandry with good animal welfare to ensure all eggs are of the highest quality.

The challenge

The hen shed faces North so it is vulnerable to strong and cold winds. In order to combat this, a winter garden using Galebreaker Bayscreens has been built on the front of the shed to provide a sheltered environment when the hens go out to range.

The aim is to improve the welfare of the hens and to prevent the cold winds in winter causing capped litter in the shed.

The solution

Before becoming a free range egg farmer, Phil was a pig farmer for many years. During his tenure as a pig farmer, he used Galebreaker products to ensure maximum productivity and welfare for his pigs. 

Needing to build a wintergarden for his new egg unit, he chose Galebreaker Bayscreens for fast-fit and long-lasting weather protection.

Good Egg Fellas

The result

The Bayscreens were installed successfully with slight modifications and the environment is ready for winter. Now that Defra have lifted the housing order imposed due to Avian Influenza, the hens are now allowed to range again – the Bayscreen helping to keep the North winds at bay.

For more information on our weather protection solutions, get in touch with the Galebreaker Sales Team.