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The traditional design of Northgate Farm buildings were not providing enough ventilation for his cows. The air was often warm and wet – not ideal conditions for cow health. 

After briefly considering a traditional fan, and realising that they do not always ventilate the entire length of the barn (causing his cows to bunch up underneath the fans), Rob turned to the Galebreaker VentTube Cool for its unparalleled ability to supply fresh cool air to large areas. 



Rob is a new generation of farmer, willing to try new technologies and new ideas. The Galebreaker VentTube Cool was chosen for its unique design and ability to distribute clean fresh air and provide a stable environment for livestock. 

With strategic air holes running down its length, the VentTube quickly and easily optimises air circulation and removes the problems associated with traditional fans. 

At Northgate Farm we installed a tube which was 102cm in diameter, with a 92cm panel fan. Air holes were cut at specific locations down the entire 40 metre tube, and to a specific size in order to provide all cows with cool air. 



Galebreaker believes it is vital that each VentTube Cool is designed with the specifics of the building and livestock housed in mind – creating the perfect environment for animals to thrive. 

The impact of VentTube Cool was immediate and significant at Northgate Farm, reducing instances of pneumonia in winter and providing fresh supplies of air when outside airflow is reduced. 



“We have been running the VentTube Cool constantly since it was fitted and the results have been noticeable. This winter we had less instances of pneumonia, which we believe was due to better ventilation and movement of air in the building. During the autumn and winter months when the air outside is cold and still, we found that the VentTube helped to push the stale, warm air out and bring in fresh, clean air.”

Rob Bowen, Farm Owner. 


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