Case Study

Using wind screens to keep cattle healthy and comfortable in Wales

Case Study

Using wind screens to keep cattle healthy and comfortable in Wales

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After retiring as an international Rugby Union referee, Nigel has pursued his long held ambition of becoming a farmer. He has swapped Rugby players for a herd of around 50 pedigree Hereford cattle on his 90 acres of land in South Wales.

The Challenge

The extremes of weather in the Gwendraeth valley provide a challenging environment for efficient farming. Nigel’s 56 strong herd of pedigree Herefords (his Mairwen Herd) require protection from the strong westerly winds that often blow up the Bristol channel.
The traditional corrugated metal sheds come with sheeted doors however these reduce ventilation causing warm and wet conditions to develop. The doors can also become difficult and dangerous to open in high wind conditions.

The Solution

Galebreaker Rollerscreen is a market-leading spring-operated system chosen in this instance for its ability to stop wind and rain from entering the buildings while still providing optimum ventilation due to the durable mesh material.
Designed to fit above gates, lower walls and feed barriers, Rollerscreen provides fast access to sheds and feed passages, and is fully adjustable to fit any opening.
Rollerscreens were installed above solid gates at each entrance to Nigel’s cattle sheds as well as on the buildings at his second farm site Nr Llanelli.

The Result

The improved ventilation in the cattle sheds could be felt immediately, and the wet weather was kept out of the sheds keeping bedding drier for longer. The ease of use as well as the overall improvement in cattle health helps to save both time and money on Nigel’s busy farm.

All our door, clip on panel and variable ventilation curtain products are made in Herefordshire using the highest quality materials and come with a 10 year guarantee. Nigel can feel confident in his choice to invest in his Mairwen herd knowing that he’s installed a versatile and durable system.

You can find out why Nigel chooses Galebreaker in this video testimonial:

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