Implementing efficient feeding, while keeping livestock protected from the weather

Implementing efficient feeding, while keeping livestock protected from the weather

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Gaec du Grand Quesnay is an independent organic sow and ewe farm in Normandy, France. They currently have 75 sows and 400 ewes and are in the process of converting from conventional farming into organic. 

The challenge

Soon-to-be organic Gaec du Grand Quesnay needed its sow barn renovated in line with EU regulations, providing weather protection and ventilation. Mr Duparc also needed to be able to drop feed directly into feeders, requiring ease of access. 

The solution

Mr Duparc contacted nearby supplier FVP and the company recommended a suite of Galebreaker products for the farm. FVP fitted the barn with three of Galebreaker’s Multibays and electric rolling barn door systems of varying sizes. These allow easy, fast access, ventilation, and weather protection to multiple bays in a single run. 

Three Rollerdoor Rapid Rail doors were also installed – strong material doors which provide access to the full height of the opening, and which are spring-assisted, and chain driven. These doors open and shut rapidly up and down. The barn was also fitted with two Agridoor electric doors, which can be managed remotely, as well as two Agridoor manual doors. 

The result

 The barn buildings were successfully converted and now the environment suitable for fast, efficient feeding, all while livestock are protected from weather. 


 I use the Rollerdoor and Agridoor once a week and the Multibays once every two weeks, they allow me to access the barns to bring food for my sows without any problems.”