Dairy herd benefits from range of Galebreaker products

The Staddons have been farming at Westwood Farm in Worcestershire for just over 10 years after relocating from Plymouth and purchasing the Shakenhurst estate.

Since then, the farm has undergone major developments, with a brand-new dairy shed and calf building, and plans for further expansions. The farm currently milks a 250-cow dairy herd, also operating as beef and arable over 1300 acres, and farmer Louis Staddon has plans to double the size of his herd within the next couple of years.

When putting up his new dairy shed, Louis was advised to install a Galebreaker Ventilated Light Ridge to achieve optimum ventilation in the building, whilst providing uniform light across the space.

“Because the cows were robot milking and housed 24/7, I wanted to give them the best possible environment. I was recommended by the builder to have a Light Ridge installed in the new dairy shed, and was really impressed by the quality of the product so decided to install another one in the parlour to improve that space too.”

Louis Staddon     

Due to having all calves remain on farm either for milking or fattening, Louis believes it is important to give them the best possible start, reducing disease and maximising their welfare and productivity in later life.

“We were having trouble with pneumonia in one of the sheds, so wanted to look at ways to alleviate this – and the VentTube Fresh seemed like the most sensible option. Since installing this we’ve had far fewer cases of pneumonia, but are continuing to look to improve the building further to eliminate all disease risk.”

After enjoying the quality of Galebreaker products, Louis has also had mesh Agridoors and Rollerscreens installed around the farm for easy access and improved weather protection and ventilation in his buildings.

“If everything is right with the environment, everything is easier” – Louis Staddon

Watch Louis talking about his Dairy herd here: