Teemore Engineering, in collaboration with ventilation specialist Jamie Robertson, has introduced a groundbreaking solution in calf housing, known as the Mono Calf Building. This innovative structure is designed to prioritise biosecurity and create an environment conducive to calf well-being, minimising the risk of bacterial infections and diseases.

Objective: The primary objective of the Mono Calf Building project was to establish a calf housing system that not only facilitates the healthy growth and development of calves but also significantly reduces the presence of bacteria and potential disease vectors within the building. The collaborative effort sought to address the critical aspects of building design, materials selection, and environmental factors to achieve optimum biosecurity standards.

Design Features:

  1. Materials Selection: The design of the Mono Calf Building places a strong emphasis on utilising specified materials that actively reduce the buildup of bacteria. Through careful consideration of material properties, the construction minimises surfaces prone to bacterial colonisation, promoting a cleaner and healthier environment for calves. 

  2. Ground Levels: Calculating the optimum ground levels was a crucial aspect of the design process. By carefully planning and implementing precise ground levels, the Mono Building ensures efficient drainage and reduces the risk of stagnant water or moisture accumulation. This proactive approach contributes to the overall biosecurity of the facility.

  3. Roof Angles: The Mono Calf Building incorporates carefully calculated roof angles to optimise natural ventilation and airflow. This design feature not only enhances the comfort of the calves but also plays a pivotal role in reducing the concentration of airborne pathogens. The strategic use of roof angles promotes a fresh and well-ventilated environment, crucial for the overall health of the herd.

  4. Airflow Management: The building design prioritises calculated airflow patterns to establish an optimal environment for calf development. This includes considerations for air circulation that mitigate the risk of airborne contaminants. By strategically managing airflow, the Mono Calf Building actively contributes to reducing disease transmission within the facility. Each Mono Calf Building uses a Galebreaker VentTube Fresh which introduces a calculated flow of fresh air into the building and Rollerscreens which provide variable ventilation with excellent weather protection.

VentTube for Teemore Calf Building

Outcome: The collaborative efforts between Teemore and ventilation specialist Jamie Robertson have resulted in the creation of the Mono Calf Building – a pioneering solution that sets new standards in calf housing. The carefully planned design features, including material selection, ground levels, roof angles, and airflow management, collectively contribute to a biosecure environment that enables calves to thrive while minimising the risk of bacterial infections and diseases.

Conclusion: The building represents a paradigm shift in calf rearing, providing a holistic and meticulously designed solution that addresses the multifaceted challenges of maintaining optimal health in calves. By incorporating principles of good hygiene, efficient ventilation, and climate-conscious design, the Mono Calf Building stands as a testament to the commitment towards ensuring the well-being and longevity of the herd, highlighting the imperative link between good calf health and the success of agricultural businesses.

This video shows provides an overview of the Calf Building, including Galebreaker’s innovative VentTube Fresh and market-leading Rollerscreens.