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Our Story

We are proud of the long history of our products, our brands and our business. Specialists in ventilation, weather protection and performance improvement, Guarding Against The Elements is in our blood – so take a look at how we started and where we are today……..it’s been an exciting journey so far!


The Scudamore family, (the founders of Galebreaker) are busy milking 300 dairy cows in Herefordshire. With no suitable cow buildings available for their requirements, they set up a building company called Farmplan Construction to service the livestock housing market.


Operating out of a farm building in Ross-on-Wye in Herefordshire, the Galebreaker brand is born…..! The very first Galebreaker product is designed as an accessory for the cow building business. The revolutionary Rollerscreen helps protect animals from any bad weather, but still allows light and fresh air into the building.

1980 - Farmplan


The family take the opportunity get out of dairy production as part of a European drive to reduce milk surpluses and the ‘butter mountain’. All attention turns to the Galebreaker brand, and the range of products starts to expand. The Bayscreen is launched as an easy clip on and clip off product to protect any open spaces from the weather.


An exploratory trade show in Paris – SPACE brings new contacts and opportunities and the first Rollerscreen and Bayscreen products are exported to Europe. Eire, Germany, France and Switzerland are the initial targets and strong partnerships are forged with Distributors eager to sell Galebreaker products on the continent.


The Yoyo Door (now called the Maxidoor) is launched in the UK and Europe as a large farm door access solution for both animals and machinery.


The business expands to a 5,000 ft office and production facility in Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire to keep up with growing demand. The business now has annual sales of £1M and employs 10 people. Over the next few years exports to Europe develop into Holland, Denmark and Belgium.

1998 - larger production premises
Windscreen installed at Kings Lyn


Galebreaker expands again to 12,000 ft of office and production facility in Mitcheldean. High frequency welders moving molecules at 57 million times per second, and state of the art sewing machines are purchased. Trackscreen and Agridoor is launched in the UK and Europe with Agridoor becoming an international leading product.


Galebreaker moves into the new Industrial market with the first sale of their newly launched Industrial Wind Shields. The 360MW Kings Lynn Power Station in Norfolk is Galebreaker’s first power station customer to benefit from vacuum performance improvement.


The first Heat Shields are sold to the Ensco 72 Oil Rig Platform in the North Sea. The business opens up new markets in the Oil and Gas Offshore market to protect derrick personnel from flare. Wind Shield products quickly follow to protect areas of the rig platform from wind and bad weather. Marine grade fixings and technology is essential. 


Galebreaker purchase the CIS Flexipart business in Chepstow, Monmouthshire. This expands the Galebreaker brand into commercial markets.
Internal Partitioning, External Weather Protection, and Door Access Solutions find their way into prestigious customers such as Walkers Snack Foods, British Gypsum, Brecon Water and Wincanton Logistics.

2003 - flexipart Brecon Water
2008 - GBR House


This year sees the launch of a flagship product into Agricultural markets both at home and in Europe – The Galebreaker Variable Ventilation System (VVS). Up to 3m high and 72m long these side curtain systems can be controlled automatically by a weather control station. Galebreaker creates the slogan “the best of outdoors indoors”.


Major expansion plans – Galebreaker makes a significant move and purchases new premises in Ledbury, Herefordshire. A 40,000 sqft factory and offices are set up to serve both the Agricultural and the Industrial markets around the world. Galebreaker Agri Ltd and Galebreaker Industrial Ltd are founded. Galebreaker Group Ltd now has annual sales of over £5M and 35 employees and is awarded ISO 9001.


Galebreaker wins a Royal Show Innovation award for their VVS side curtain design.


Galebreaker Industrial establishes itself firmly in North America and takes on a US Sales Agent to represent the business in the dry cooling market. A strong UK based partnership is established with DHD Cooling Ltd. Over the next 5 years the business sees strong growth in North America, South America and Canada and the US team grows to 5 people. DHD Cooling expand into European territories. 

Jeremy Scudamore being presented an award
Galebreaker Installation at Caithness


A strong partnership is forged with Ergon Research in Italy to offer Computational Fluid Dynamic services to the Industrial markets, particularly air-cooled condensers and cooling towers. It is revolutionary in helping substantiate performance improvement and payback.


Galebreaker teams up with the Agri-Epi Centre one of the UK Government centres of Agricultural excellence to pioneer innovation, technology and precision engineering in UK farming for increased productivity, profits and sustainable growth. The dairy hub in Shepton Mallet is a leading example of livestock ventilation innovation.


The business is presented the DLG award for product longevity.


Galebreaker launches its next generation of Agricultural products – The Ventlogic I-Series.  The business is now pioneering in Smart Farm Building Control systems that work from apps on your mobile phone. 

VVS Controlled by iSeries app

The business today is still true to its family roots, continues to grow and remains focused in ventilation, weather protection and performance improvement. Annual continue to grow and now over 50 employees. Exporting to over 30 markets in the Agricultural, Industrial and Commercial sectors around the globe, the Galebreaker family is still responsible for the long-term success and sustainability of the business. We are creating history every day.

Galebreaker – Your Guard Against The Elements

Our commitment to customer service

Galebreaker has three divisions: agriculture, industrial and commercial. The business is structured in this way so that we can provide the bespoke solutions and industry-specific expertise that each sector deserves. The agriculture division works with farmers, veterinary professionals and leading building designers to provide the ideal housing environment for livestock. The industrial division works with engineers, manufacturers and petrochemical businesses to ensure the safety of workers and equipment. The commercial division works with essential businesses within warehousing, manufacturing industry, providing workplace partitioning, weather protection and access solutions.


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